HeyQL Metrics for

Metric collaboration tool for
small, medium and enterprise teams


HeyQL Metrics for enables teams around the world to share their self defined metrics and keep related documents always in sync with the central HeyQL Metrics database.

The combination of HeyQL Metrics and Atlassian allows the management of powerful business objects like Target Reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Objective and Key Results (OKRs) directly in .


JQL Import

Let HeyQL Metrics do the work and let it perform measurements on given JQL strings and periods. Add custom fields to metric issues to manage these kind of information easily inside JIRA.

Integrate external Applications via REST API

HeyQL Metrics provides an open REST API. This can be used to easily add metric data points or to receive them. The REST API can be used with every programming language and is supported by a bunch of third party applications.

Full integration

Use the power of JIRA to define custom workflows for your metrics or add custom fields to them. Thanks to JIRA and HeyQL Metrics, metrics can become whatever is needed: Real time metrics, Key performance indicators (KPI), Objective and Key Results (OKRs).

Metric statistics

HeyQL Metrics automatically calculates a bunch of statistics for metrics. Examples are highest value today, lowest value last 2 weeks, last measurement date. All these statistics are easily accessible in the metric view of an issue.

JQL integration

Most metric statistics are stored by HeyQL Metrics as issue properties in JIRA. And JIRA allows you to perform issue search on such properties in the Issue Navigator. Example JQL: type=metric and metricTodayHighestValue > 10. This way it is possible to track down problematic metrics using issue filters.

Custom formats and styles

Inside a JIRA issue HeyQL metrics provides metrics automatically as dynamic line chart as well as dynamic table. But there are also various download and linking options available. Like charts, tables and JSON for developers.


Software Teams

Keep track of your development

Integrate metrics from other systems and make them available beside feature requests, bugs and support issues.

Quality Teams

Monitor and controll processes at the source

Automatically measure JIRA issues and be informed, if bad things happen. Link metrics directly to development issues to proof their need.

Human Resource Teams

Handle candidates with charm

Easily keep an eye on applications and short react times.

Finance Teams

Share metrics to keep budget on track

Let team leaders know, if their budget is running low. Easily create and assign budget related metrics to them and keep financial borders up to date.



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We are sorry, but in the moment we do not offer HeyQL Metrics for on premise installations.
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